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for dogs photo4Stella started life in Kentucky with 8 siblings. She was one of 2 puppies who looked more like Labs than Chows. When she was 6 weeks old, her mom was hit by a car. Stella and her siblings found their way to a “no kill” shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts.

When she was 8 weeks old, Stella “fell into a bucket of love” when she was adopted by a family of five.

Stella’s owners were Diane’s first clients. They came to Paws Down Training Service to learn more about dogs before they embarked on this life-changing experience. Diane explained the different breeds and their energy levels. She also went over the importance of proper exercise and the structure that a dog needs to be a part of a family pack. After they found the dog to fit their lifestyle (Stella), they received private lessons with Diane.

Now this family of five has become a pack of six, and they now do not know what they would do without Stella.

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Here is what people are saying about Paws Down Training Service!

We really enjoyed and learned a lot going to the Puppy Learn & Romp classes, we look forward to going to Basic Manners next! Diane is truly amazing! She really helped us with our older dog Molly and our new puppy Hooch get to know each other in a positive and healthy way, we can’t thank her enough, we will recommend Paws Down to our friends with new puppies or even older dogs!!! So thank you again Diane and we look forward to seeing you in basic manners!!! 🙂

Dawn N in Trenton


Thanks! I want to thank you so much for the class, Khloe and I had a great time and are looking forward to more classes! I have taken obedience classes before with other places but must say I really enjoyed your class. You make it fun for the dog and easy for the owner!

Thanks again!

Vicki & Khloe



I want to thank you for the excellent dog training lesson you provided for my dog (LiLi), my cat (Oona) and myself this summer in Seal Harbor.

As you prescribed, I taught LiLi the word “Leave It” followed by a treat and praise whenever the cat came into view. We went through this exercise 2 times a day for 2 months in Maine. During this time the dog had the run of the house and the cat had one large room with a huge window. The cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, so she often went outside and stayed where the dog cannot go since we have an electric fence.

Upon returning to our home in Washington we had to go through a reminder of all training while the animals adjusted to another environment.

It is amazing how well the use of the word “Leave It” has saved the day. I do not have to be on my toes in certain situations as the cat is often “testing” us, but “Leave It” works. I understand that we will always be “in training”.

I want to thank you for the excellent training you gave me in just one lesson. Three months have passed since you gave us a hands-on lesson. I want you to know it did work.

Thank you,

Ina M.

Seal Harbor, ME


Diane — I really had to brag about my Buddy — If you remember I was trying to train him and Jake to use the area behind our garage as their bathroom of choice. I took Buddy out on his leash and after he was finished as we exited the garage he promptly saw our neighbors loading their car and went up on his hind legs barking to beat the band. I tugged his leash once and said his name firmly and led back into the garage where I stood in front of him and had him sit and focus on me which he did and then gave him the physical and verbal command to wait. He obeyed perfectly only peering around me to watch the neighbors! He stood up after about 5-6 seconds and I again gave him the command to sit and wait and he did. When I looked back to see they were gone we proceed to walk into the house very calmly. I was so proud of him I had to tell you.

Thanks for all your help — Mary W.



Thank you so much for your help with our dog. When we adopted her last Fall, we expected that a 10-month-old puppy rescued from a Georgia shelter would need some help adjusting to life in Maine. We were surprised when she instantly settled in with our family as if she had always been with us. Over time we realized that our dog feels completely secure at home, but she often responded to other people and dogs by barking/growling/pulling her leach. We spent some time trying to turn things around on our own, but by the Summer the situation was getting worse not better.

In our 4 sessions with you, you helped us to see what we were doing right and what we needed to work on. Training with you also gave us a safe and positive environment to introduce our dog to new people and other dogs. Following our lessons, our dog walks well on the leash. Now she will also sit with us on a park bench and quietly watch people/dogs go by. This is quite a change from the bark-cringe-pull-panic-anxiety of just a few weeks ago. It is so good to see the happy dog we know at home slowly learning to be a relaxed dog no matter where we are.

As you know, we are continuing to build confidence through agility classes because we are still learning to be comfortable in new situations. We really appreciate the help that you and Christy gave us as we transitioned from private lessons to a group class. So many new faces all at once could have been overwhelming, but training with you has made socializing our dog much easier and more enjoyable for all of us. Thank you!

Jenna & Russell

Ellsworth, Maine