homepage1At Paws Down Training Service, we understand that a dog’s primary means of communication with us is through body language and postures. Our goal is to teach people to communicate with their dogs and to understand a dog’s need to be part of the family pack.

Paws Down Training Service offers group classes and private lessons for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Our approach to training is through positive reinforcement.


tabbed_panel_image_2Paws Down Training Service offers a full range of group classes in Obedience, Agility, K9 Nose Work, and other specialty training.

From puppy kindergarten to advanced classes, we are here to help you and your dog build a more fulfilling life together!

tabbed_panel_image_3Not sure if you are ready for a class? Looking for one-on-one training? Paws Down Training Service offers private lessons for individuals and their dogs. We can work with you on specific training goals, as well as behavioral issues.

We also offer private group lessons that are customized to meet the needs and interests of families, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

page_image_1Dogs are wonderful companions and family (pack) members. To be good guardians, we must also remember that dogs need to be able to act like dogs. They need to sniff and dig and chew – these activities are natural to them!

To give our dogs a well balanced life, we need to teach them good manners in our homes and yards while still letting them be dogs. At Paws Down Training Service, our goal is to help you and your dog achieve this balance.

Scheduling training is easy!

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